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Bacteria in the vagina

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Bacterial vaginitis refers to inflammation of the vagina. It occurs when there is a growth of bacteria. Certain bacteria are normally present in the vaginal area. Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is the overgrowth of unfriendly bacteria in your vagina, resulting in bad smells, unusual discharge and/or a shift in pH to over 4. 5.
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. that BV is a disturbance of the natural balance of bacteria that live inside the vagina. less acidic and had “clue cells”—cells decorated with bacteria—in their vaginal swabs. . vaginosis is a common infection caused by an imbalance of naturally occurring bacteria in the vagina. An imbalance in vaginal bacteria can lead to bacterial vaginosis.

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Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is a condition caused by changes in the amount of certain types of bacteria in your vagina. BV is common, and any woman can get it. However, little is known about native vaginal bacteria in other animal species such as the horse. ¨ m L (1993) Aerobic bacteria occurring in the vagina of.
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Ladies, does the thought of countless bacteria living in your vagina make you shudder? Well, it shouldn’t. The vagina is home to over 50 unique species of bacteria. One thing that becomes more clear with each piece of research is that the human body is a hive of mostly harmless bacteria that live in any crevice they can reach while affecting.

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In desquamative inflammatory vaginitis, the vagina is colonized with facultative bacteria, not the obligate anaerobic bacteria that colonize the vagina in bacterial vaginosis. Overgrowth of bacteria in the lining of the vagina, causing a characteristic fishy odor, itchiness, and abnormal discharge. Candida yeast normally live in the vagina.
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Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is an infection in the vagina caused by bacteria. BV is the most common vaginal infection in women between ages 15 and 44. Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is an abnormal vaginal condition that is characterized by vaginal discharge and results from an overgrowth of atypical bacteria in the vagina.
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Bacterial vaginosis (BV) is a disease of the vagina caused by excessive growth of bacteria. Common symptoms include increased vaginal discharge that often smells like. . of Lactobacillus bacteria, which produce lactic acid, in the vagina. such as bacterial vaginosis, in which the population of "normal" vaginal bacteria is said to be disrupted.

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Bacteria in the vagina

Bacteria in the vagina

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